Sunday, December 6, 2009

Making money with Twitter, The Easy Way

Ok the first thing you need to do is get a realistic pic of a girl for your twitter accounts, you can use the same pic for each account. You can get this pretty much anywere.(Will have more success in others and my opinion).

Now that you have gotten your pic you are gonna go to and make ten twitter accounts with girl names/users. If you get stumped trying to come up with names try adding numbers to the end like so "emilygirl159". When it asks you for an email just make up some fake email for each account since twitter does not req. you to have a valid email.

Now that you have your 10 twitter accounts, complete with your pic of a realistic girl, it's time to get some followers!!! Download the Friend Adder and unzip it. Save anywhere you like. My virus scan of the downloaded file.

Ok now that we have downloaded the Friend Adder lets get some followers!!! Open your friend adder we downloaded. It will look like this.

Now this is important as other guides have made this unclear. You can only add 500 people every 24 hours so make sure its been 24 hours or else your twitter account will get flagged and banned. For the best results I HIGHLY suggest doing this every 24 hours.

Now you have to post on your twitter accounts so you dont look like a bot. This is simple go to and sign up, its free! This allows you to post on all ten accounts at one time!!! isnt that kool!!!

I suggest updating this 2-3 times a day.

Finally we have gotten to the part were we sign up on the site that is going to pay us. Go to RevTwt and sign up. You will see a page like so...

Once you have signed up click the button that says Twitter Accts, I will highlight it in the next pic.


Time to set up the auto posts...

Congradulations you are done!!!! Keep adding friends everday and updating your status and watch the cash flow.


-Do NOT click your own posts or tell people to click them or else revtwt will ban u.
-Each click is worth anywhere from 15-30cents depending on the ad.
-This method DOES take about a month to reach its peak, so just keep at it and you will see more and more money every day.
-Don't add more than 500 friends every 24 hours or else your twitter account will be locked.

Very VERY important!!!!!
-You have to have 50 followers on each account before you can start putting up ads!!!

I hope this guide was helpful and easy to understand. Please comment and rate! Have fun seeing that cash flow!!!